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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tinklenberg Trying to Raise Money from Out of State

The blogger supporting him on Daily Kos is pushing candidates who all happen to favor criminalizing abortion, and favor the Federal Bachmann ammendment.

This blogger also discussed Wetterling. It's interesting how many of these DC/out of the 6th District types like to define the 6th district.

Though Tinklenberg has soaked up some key Democratic funding sources, there is one organization that would make the MN06 primary brutal: EMILY's List. An EMILY's List endorsement absolutely does not secure a victory for any candidate, but it does guarantee an extremely expensive race. EMILY's List just frickin' pours the money into races, and would turn Tinklenberg's current general election campaign back into a primary campaign quickly. Whoever emerged would be bloodied.

I still think Tinklenberg would have the advantage over an EMILY's List endorsed Wetterling, simply because even the Democrats in MN06 are moderate. Abortion is most definitely frowned upon in MN06, and might not even be a defining issue for MN06 voters who would still vote for someone who didn't share their view on abortion. New polling should back this up soon.

Yes, Tinklenberg, like Al Juhnke is PAC-Man.... I'd assume if Wetterling gets into this race, the HRC might decide to do an early endorsement - since Tinklenberg supports the federal marriage amendment.

A commenter - who lives in the 6th district responded:

Minnesota Raindog said...

Let's see, Janet Robert ran in the 6th CD as a Tinklenberg Democrat (anti-gay, pro-gun, anti-choice) against Mark Kennedy for an open seat in 2002. Vote totals: Kennedy 57%, Robert 35%. Even add IP candidate Dan Becker's total to Robert's and you get only 42%. Then Patty Wetterling ran against incumbent Kennedy in 2004 as a pro-choice, pro-gay candidate. Vote totals: Kennedy 54%, Wetterling 46%. And you're saying the 6th won't support a pro-choice or pro-gay candidate? That Tinklenberg is a better "ideological fit?" Sorry, Andy, the numbers just don't back your conclusions.

The DFL platform is pro-gay marriage/civil unions and pro-choice. Democrats need to stop rewarding candidates like Tinklenberg and Robert with their votes when they thumb their noses at core issues like that. And they need to stop the DC Kingmakers from annointing their candidates. Piling on money from outside the district is no sign of support from within the 6th. As has been noted, Tinklenberg seems to be having a hard time raising money since the initial influx of his outside-the-district money. That should tell you something.

The DFL should reject Tinklenberg and draft Wetterling or another true Democrat in the 6th.

Developing. . .


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