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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Al Junhke is Constant Annoyance on DFL State Central Committee List

At today's meeting in Minnetonka I talked to a DFL State Central committee member who told me that Al Juhnke is a regular poster over there and is obsessive about his position in opposition to legal abortion, and seems to think everyone else should think the same way. How much do people want to bet that Al Juhnke was Michael Brodkorb's source for the posts which eventually got the DFL Associate Chair to shut the list down? If people have some of Juhnke's posts on the DFL State Central list, please send them my way. I would love to republish them here for Lloydletta readers to enjoy.

An anonymous poster and a poster by the name of "schools out" who tends to only comment in defense of Al Juhnke took umbrage at my recent post about Steve Sviggum taking his show on the road in Willmar.

Since this hate rally is obviously aimed at Dean Johnson, people might want to know what Dean will be doing on Saturday -- he'll be ministering. Ironically enough, while these blowhards will be pontificating about the sanctity of marriage, Dean Johnson will actually be performing a marriage ceremony. Who will be participating in real family values?
DelNorte 02.11.06 - 5:40 am | #

FYI, the person in charge of leafletting churches last Sunday was none other than Bonnie Wilhelm, the Republican who ran against Al Juhnke in 2002.

Ask her the questions about hate. Ask Kennedy. Ask Sviggum. Ask Severson.

Thanks for pointing that out. Why didn't you send me a tip about Bonnie Wilhelm doing this last week? I would have reported on it. Is she going to be the Republican candidate in opposition to Junhke this time around?

When Log Cabin Republicans met with speaker Sviggum last year, I told him about the Death Penalty for Homosexuals sign and that I was disappointed that he did not speak out publicly against that sign. I spoke with Dan Severson at the Grand Rapids hearing about this issue and told him that the bible prescribed death for those who engage in fornication, and asked him whether he believed that should be part of state law. He said that this would be "a deterrent". It's laughable for anyone, except an anti-gay democrat to see this post as carrying water for the Republican party - since I point out that Speaker Sviggum and Congressman Kennedy are headlining this event, and I post the Death Penalty for Homosexuals sign from the 2004 Bachmann amendment rally and state: "It will be interesting to see if signs like this are part of the rally." Then after the photo is posted, I ask "Will Speaker Sviggum speak up publicly if he sees such signs at the rally?"

The political speakers at this event are entirely 100% Republican. Ask them why they want to focus voters' attention on this issue in Willmar.

Why should anyone wish to distract readers from the facts about this rally and those behind it? Wingman and other GOP bloggers sure do want DFLers from the metro and rural areas to fight among themselves over this.

Come to think of it, so does Ms. Young.

Could it be because Ms. Young is a Republican and she simply can't bear to face the facts about the Republican Party of Minnesota in 2006? Or is she merely an innocent "useful idiot" for the RPM?
Anonymous 02.11.06 - 9:59 am | #

Actually, while it may be Al Junhke's opinion that rural residents are bigoted against gays, and urban residents are not, the truth is actually not so simple. I attended a meeting in Hutchinson discussing this issue. Michele Bachmann was a special guest. This meeting brought people on both sides of the issue out, and both sides spoke up. I'd say the crowd was about 2/3 to 1/3 in support of the amendment. Some of the crowd was open to good information and others were fixed on their position.

Very interesting comments....So, now we know that it was Eva Young's GOP party who is behind this rally. Even a GOP legislative candidate (Wilhelm) is the organizer of the event. Hmmmm.....I guess we will have to read the papers the next few days to confirm but, why isn't Ms Young chastising Kennedy, Sviggum, Severson, and Wilhelm but rather goes after three Dems (Peterson, Tinklenberg, and Juhnke) who most likely were not even invited to this Republican pep-fest?

The question is whether Peterson, Tinklenberg or Juhnke would have accepted an invitation to speak at this event if they were asked? Does Al Junhke agree to meet with gay constituents at the annual OutFront Rally?