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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Bachmann Amendment Loses DFL Sponsors

Regular commenter and frequent critic, Schoolsout pointed out something interesting. The Bachmann amendment introduced in the 2005-2006 session in the house has all republican authors.

Severson; Holberg; Johnson, J.; Gazelka; Erickson; Soderstrom; Garofalo; Westerberg; Buesgens; Wilkin; Davids; DeLaForest; Bradley; Knoblach; Powell; Vandeveer; Peppin; Anderson, B.; Olson; Cybart

In 2004 when the bill was introduced, Otremba was an original co-sponsor and the only democrat co-sponsor. Otremba spoke at the Alexandria Bachmann amendment rally, but isn't a co-sponsor.

Here are the 2004 sponsors:

Holberg; Buesgens; Lipman; Sviggum; Otremba; Blaine; Anderson, B.; Wardlow; DeLaForest; Westerberg; Westrom; Wilkin; Erickson; Davids; Powell; Olson, M.; Soderstrom; Penas; Severson; Newman; Heidgerken; Krinkie; Beard; Koenen; Eastlund; Adolphson; Cornish; Knoblach; Finstad; Harder; Gerlach; Vandeveer

Tim Wilkin who is an author of this, frequently authors idiotic bills. He's got a Terri Schiavo bill in the hopper. He also was chief author of a bill to ban all funding to the University of Minnesota because the University conducts privately funded stem cell research.