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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

BREAKING NEWS! Michael Brodkorb the Drama Queen Censors Inside MN Politics Post

Michael McIntee tried to leave a correction on the Drama Queen's blog in response to this. The Drama Queen is a bit thin skinned when it comes to corrections.

I don't have word for word what I wrote because I (mistakenly) didn't think I'd have to recreate the post. To the best of my memory this is what I included in the post:

I thanked him for the correction, noting that obviously we were aware that John Kline is a Congressman since we had used "Rep." in the headline and that we had made the rest of the copy conform. I also pointed out the headlines he was referring to were only about one podcast not podcasts (plural) as he had posted, something that would have been obvious had he listened to the show and that he should correct his own posting on this. I told him he should email me if there were any errors in the show.

Speaking of Drama Queens, Weber-Johnson's client (WJ is Brodkorb's employer - a PR firm), Rep. John Kline seems to be a bit of a drama queen also.