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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

David D to Lloydletta: Don't Get Distracted by Technicalities

From the comments to this:

While I realize the point being made here, I only partially agree. By bringing this issue into the sphere of discussion is counterproductive. Because, (1) people will only view this as an attack upon them by the gay community, not upon the policies of the Church, and therefore they will take it personally and it is detrimental to our goals. (2) It takes the focus away from the real issue at hand, equality, and turns this into a discussion of technicalities in the law.

What the real message should be is "The Catholic Church is advocating discrimination under the law and is ignoring the true message of Christ."

David raises a good point about what the main message should be. David is correct that this is the most important message.

That said, I do still think it's worth calling foul plays when you see them. I'd expect the other side on this issue would call foul if OutFront Minnesota were shown to engage in similar shenanagans. I'm a strong believer in exposing the money trail on these sorts of things. I have no problem with the Catholic Church organizing on this issue, but think they should be doing so under the same rules other groups do, and organize a PAC and disclose their donors on this political project to the Campaign Finance Board. Michele Bachmann's fundraising email signed by the President of Edwatch is a good example of calling a foul on a technicality. As far as I know, the FEC has still not acted on the complaints on that one.