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Monday, February 13, 2006

Don't They Have Better Things to Do?

The St Cloud Times reports that the St Cloud Diocese is launching a campaign to push the Bachmann amendment:

St Cloud Times commenters aren't happy.

Deminn from Minnesota
"Minnesota bishops are urging Catholics to petition state legislators Sunday to amend the constitution to define marriage as "only a union between one man and one woman."

The St. Cloud Diocese's Office of Marriage and Family ordered 36,000 postcards for parishioners, to be mailed to legislators Sunday, which is World Day for Marriage.

"We're asking parishes to send the postcards to their lawmakers in St. Paul, asking that the Senate allow for a vote on the floor to put the issue of a constitutional amendment . . . before the voters of Minnesota," Diocese of St. Cloud spokesman Steve Gottwalt said.

A: We already have a law against this, why a CA, isn't a law mandating discrimination sufficient? Why wouldn’t this be the same position taken by intelligent people concerning abusive eminent domain proceedings as well then? Common sense topped yet again by special interest.

B: This sounds like political activity, not spiritual communion. Isn't, or perhaps shouldn't, that be a sign of a taxable organization?

The Voice Reason from Home
Yet one more example of why this past alter boy has left the church with no thoughts of ever returning. (Catholic church is fine, unless you really listen to their message)

Prof. Plum from Cluesville
Here we go again.... I say, as a Catholic, to first clean up the pedophiles in the priesthood and pay off the lawsuits and forget the postcards. Count me out on this week's envelope. I don't want any part of this..... I thought all people were God's children. Same old, same old.

The St Cloud Times also published an opinion piece on this.

This generated some lively commentary

This view just doesn't seem "Christian" to me. When a church advocates for exclusion of a group of people I stop short. It seems to me that they (in this case the Catholic bishops) are "judging" and we should leave that up to the higher power that these individuals believe in. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" is pretty self explanatory and does not come with qualifications.

brian from StCloud
Exactly, KT. Anti-gay legislation is for people of weak faith that don't really trust or believe that God will adequately punish gays in the afterlife.

Brian is on to something.