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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Drinking Liberally

Captain Fishsticks after getting his talking points to Parrot from his buddy Karl Rove, the one who knows all and tells only some.

It was a fairly packed crowd this time. Kevin from Insomnia Report stopped by for the first time. I stopped by Kevin's blog tonight, and will make that a regular visit.

I also had the opportunity to meet Tracy from the Anti-Strib. Jon Tevlin was there to report on the event from the Strib. Their meeting was rather anti-climactic. There was no epic struggle between good and evil. Aw well.

Captain Fishsticks was there, fully prepped with his talking points. When interviewed by Tevlin, he told him he'd talked to his buddy Karl Rove prior to coming to the event to make sure he got the talking points right.

I had a good talk with Tracy from Anti-Strib and told him the cautionary tale about Lloydletta's Nooz getting booted from the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. For those unfamiliar with this soap opera, last year about this time, I wrote the MOB contact requesting admission to the MOB. I told them about two blogs - Lloydletta's Nooz and Dump Michele Bachmann. Lloydletta was admitted, and Dump Bachmann was not. Swiftee had a cow. I got notified by email from one of the Frater's boys that Lloydletta's Nooz was booted from the MOB. I also told Tracy about how Blogger Berg's Whine in the Dark frequently features comments attributed to me that are not written by me.

Tracy must have aluded to this in his writeup describing the event. It was removed after some howling by the usual suspects. We'll see how long my comment lasts.

It was nice to get a chance to catch up with Spotty from the Cucking Stool, aka the feral pup. I think Spot must have hit a nerve. Name calling usually isn't part of the Captain's Schtick. Their meeting, like the meeting between the Strib and Anti-strib was a fizzle. Aw well.

Rew and Smartie both seemed in better health than they have been for the last few Drinking Liberally events.