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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Edwatch Exporting Their Poison to Other School Districts

A parent in the Upper St Clair School District (close to Pittsburg, PA) wrote me for more information about Alan Quist and Edwatch, specifically wanting to know about Edwatch's support for Creationism. Articles by Alan Quist posted on Edwatch's website are being used to try to shut down the district's International Baccalaureate program.

A group of parents in the district interested in keeping the IB program has set up a website here.

It looks like these school board members ran a stealth campaign, mentioning the need for fiscal accountability in the schools, but not mentioning things like closing the IB program. As soon as they got elected, the story changed.

There will be a school board meeting this Monday to discuss the IB program. The parents group has been effective in mobilizing supporters. An event last week supporting the IB program drew 350 people.

The Minnetonka parents group, Tonka Focus got started to defend the Minnetonka IB program. They broadened out to expose former Minnetonka School Board member, Dave Eaton's efforts to push for creationism (using the title "Intelligent Design") to be taught in Minnetonka and other school districts.

Edwatch will deny supporting Creationism. I think I have demonstrated they are pushing creationism pretty conclusively. (The use of the "Santorum amendment" has been fairly standard fare for those pushing for creationism).

Lloydletta's Nooz posts on Edwatch and Creationism. These were adapted from the posts on MN Politics.

It is embarrassing to the state of Minnesota that Edwatch originated here.