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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Entenza a Problem in North Country

Schoolsout, a frequent critic of my criticisms of "rural dems" seems to know a lot about the legislature. Now the democrats I was criticizing at the time were Elwyn Tinklenberg, Al Juhnke, Mike Hatch and Collin "no gays live in my district" Peterson. Schoolsout characterized this as "attacking rural dems", even though Tinklenberg and Hatch are not rural dems. He seems to agree with me on minority leader Matt Entenza.

Here's his latest comment:

Entenza is extremely abusive with employees and even some of his colleagues in the House.....this is well documented with stories in the Strib, etc.

He is a power-at-all-costs Dem and it will ultimately eat him alive. Remember, this is the same guy who hired a private investigator to dig up dirt on Mike Hatch last year. He was hoping to derail Hatch's gubanatorial bid and clear the way for Mr. Power Hungry to run for Guv rather than AG.

In fact, it is also well know by Democrat insiders that Entenza is considered to be the 'weak link' in a statewide ticket. There is real worry among these insiders that once he is 'out on the trail' in earnest, he will be big trouble for the ticket. He is especially berated on the Iron Range. Rep. Rukavina, Sertich, Anderson, and Dill have no time for him and will NOT campaign for him. Add Sen. Bakk and Tommassoni to the list of the 'anyone-but-Matt' list and you can understand the trouble he is having within the DFL powerbases in this state. Couple that with a name like "johnson" in the race on the GOP ticket, and this could be the beginning of the end for Entenza.

Maybe that is a good thing!


There seems to be a Draft Mike Hatch movement to get Hatch to run for Attorney General.

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I'm all ears on the private eye thing. It sounds like a plausable story to me. The mainstream media never picked up on that story - and I'd assume that if there was something to it, there would have been coverage in some mainstream media.

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