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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Entenza Supporter Unhappy with Lloydletta's Entenza Coverage

Note: Title of this post changed. "Stop the Eva Agenda" claims he's no Entenza flunkie.

Entenza has a supporter stopping by Lloydletta using the name "Stop the Eva Agenda."

Get over yourself.

You need a new hobby.

Entenza is the right person to be AG, Hatch is running for Governor and will win.

How come Hatch did so poorly in the Straw poll in St Paul yesterday? If he can't get his people out to that straw poll, how is he going to get his people out to the Precinct caucuses? Why is Hatch avoiding candidate debates? Is he afraid to debate others in his party?

You hate Entenza cause he won't do exactly what you want, well guess what, no politician does.

I don't hate Entenza. I do think that his record deserves scrutiny.

Or is it cause he didn't force his members to vote the way you want them too. What is this? Stalinist Russia?

The question is whether Matt Entenza said publicly he opposed the Bachmann amendment, but privately advised members in both 2004 and 2005 to "vote their district." It would be good to get Rebecca Otto on the record about what Matt Entenza's advice to her was about that vote.

The question is also whether Matt Entenza is leaving Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson hanging out to dry on this issue. This criticism was initially leveled by a rural democratic blog - NOT Eva Young the Republican. The rural democrat Pollytick says it well.

The question is, why isn't Entenza taking some of the heat off of Johnson on this issue? If there is a vote, will he lead his caucus against the bill?

Consider this for a moment...if all 66 Democrats in the MN House voted no to the bill, it is unlikely that it would pass. Moderate Republicans like Ron Erhardt (R-Edina) and Ron Abrams (R-Minnetonka) are unlikely to vote with the rest of their caucus and the bill would be dead. Will Entenza insist this happens?

A second notion would be for the House Dems to filibuster the bill to death (as we saw Rep. Karen Clark try to do a couple of years ago) or move a number of procedural motions until the bill was pulled from consideration. Will Entenza lead in this direction?

Either way, with strong leadership, the House DFL could send a signal to Minnesota citizens that this type of hate filled legislation will not take the forefront in the upcoming session.

But alas, Matt Entenza has been surprisingly silent on this issue. Sure, he talks about his 'personal' views and how he is against the bill. However, as the House leader he needs to go much further. He needs to be out front in the media (as Dean Johnson has been) and explain over and over the reason this is not needed. He also needs to lead his House troops in the right direction.

Entenza's person STEA continues:

Did he vote for the ban on Gay Marriages?

Is he an author of the bill?

If he is so bad, why is he backed by the GLBT community minus a small minded voice like yours?

If Entenza were popular in the gay community, why did the partisan DFL columnist, Michael Krause say this?

The House vote shows what might have happened if everyone, not just most
DFLers and a few Republicans, had stood up for principle.

House DFL leader Matt Entenza said that the DFL Caucus had no position on
the antigay constitutional amendment, and that members were free to vote
their conscience.

Why didn't the DFL Caucus take a position on an issue that clearly has been
part of the DFL Party Constitution?

With the help of three House Republicans, a caucus that stood together
would have had the votes to defend GLBT Minnesotans from Sviggum's attacks.

STEA continues:

There is so solid proof he is a bad employer, just the ramblings of a pissed off person who got fired by Entenza because he sucked at his job.

If he is such a bad employer, why is he not in trouble with the state? Why is there no one else claiming he did them wrong?

That's cause there is nothing there. It is just convenient for you so you can tear down a good man working hard for us.

You go after him for no reason. Go back to the Log Cabin Republicans where you belong

It wasn't just one former employee I heard from on this topic. I've talked personally to two former house DFL employees. This was not one disgruntled employee, it was a pattern. In the case of the Amy Klobuchar disputes, the employees were salaried employees making more than $100 K who were represented by AFSCME. With the DFL house caucus, these are employees who have no union representation.