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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The GOP Video

I heard an MPR story on the video the GOP is releasing re: the Bachmann amendment.

The Governor, the Speaker, the State Auditor, and the Secretary of State all appear on the video, and there is a fundraising pitch.

Senator Keith Langseth (D-Glyndon) is quoted in the story, saying he won't vote for the amendment. He believes the current DOMA statute is adequate, and there is no imminent threat of lawsuits to overturn the law.

Senator Paul Koering (R- Ft Ripley) is also quoted. He didn't know the video was going out until this week. He goes on record saying that the bill should go through the standard committee process, and he will not support putting the bill on the floor without committee hearings and votes.

From the tone of the story and the quotes from GOP chair Ron Carey, it sounds like the party is really working the populist theme. It's interesting, because the only people really worried about overturning DOMA in this state are GOP social conservative politicos. They've been telling the public they need to get all worked up on this issue for the past 3 years, they are able to produce poll results suggesting their message has been heard, and now they say they're just doing what the people want (unlike stadium votes....).

In the meantime, special elections for Senate seats previously held by Republicans are won by Democrats who specifically state they won't vote for the amendment. And in case you haven't noticed..... life goes on in the Commonweath of Massachusetts. They have one of the lowest divorce rates in the nation.