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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hatch's Condescension Towards Women Candidates

From MNPublius comments on the claims that Wetterling was "office shopping":

The only person that had her "shopping" for the state office is Mike Hatch. He floated the rumor, he asked her publicly, he shows up at her announcement (notice that he wasn't one of the invited electeds. He shows up and leaves.), and he got the headlines for about four days. Patty is not working with amatuers and she's was on her second federal race. She where she could spend the money. She knew what she was going to do before she announced her self pulling out of the Senate race. The poll that shows her kicking all of the Republicans ass- and having a better name and support than TInklenberg was done FOUR days before she went public. Mike Hatch screwed things up by taking advantage of the situation. He was told no privatly and continued to push the story, hoping that public support will push Patty's team in his direction.

Also, the sexist attitude of the general population that the Lt Governor spot is a good place for a woman, or Secretary of State (which has two strong candidates already).

There was sleeze involved, but it came from Hatch, and he is a calculating SOB.

Posted by: StPaul_DFLer | February 4, 2006 09:24 AM

Was Hatch working with Tinklenberg here? Mike Hatch has a history of underhanded tactics when trying to work DFL conventions. Both Mike Freeman (who ran for Governor in 1994 with John Marty and Mike Hatch as DFL opponents) and Ember Reichgott Junge (who got DFL endorsement for AG and Hatch and another DFLer ran against her in a primary) can tell you that.