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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Howard Stern Rips on Rev Willie Wilson

Recall Millions More March ED Willie Wilson and his over the top anti-gay sermon last July? Apparently Howard Stern ripped on him on a recent show. Malcontent has the tape. Hat Tip: Another Gay Republican.

Rev. Wilson Redux
Remember our good friend, the Rev. Willie Wilson and his obsession with the lesbian takeover of the black community?

I printed parts of his sermon last summer, but thanks to Howard Stern and The Malcontent, you can listen for yourself.

I guess you really haven't been to church until you've sat in the pew and listened to the preacher go on and on from the pulpit about strap-ons, lube, and anal sex. And you get to hear him embarrass the hell out of his son for not being able to get a date to prom (damn lesbians!). Thanks Dad!

Is this really what people want to hear when they take their children to church?