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Monday, February 20, 2006

Illustrating and Fisking AP's Coverage of the Willmar Bachmann Amendment Rally

Over at Dump Bachmann here.

Dean Johnson and Don Betzold are showing more leadership than Rep. Matt Entenza who has done nothing to encourage house members to vote against this amendment. Contrast Dean Johnson's courage with Rebecca Otto's Profile in Cowardice.

I rarely agree with Kennedy v the Machine, but in this case I do, if they are accurately describing Sarah Janacek's position.

Surprisingly, Janacek called one of local AFSCME president Appleby’s assertions "damning", namely when Appleby asserted that Klobuchar "presents herself as a servant acutely concerned with the public's safety when her only dedication is to her own self-promotion." She went so far as to say the quote would make a powerful :30 spot. Even Brian Lambert conceded that when the Hennepin County Attorney’s name comes up in private conversation, the discussion often turns to her unsavory management style.

Then, in the same segment, Janacek said that Klobuchar could deflect the charge because of her gender and that she had some built-in immunity because she was a female boss.


This is the second time in nearly as many weeks where the self-styled "Republican insider" has hypothesized that a female DFL candidate should not be held to the same standards as a male candidate. Observers will recall that in her floundering e-newsletter, Politics in Minnesota, the ostensibly Republican commentator wrote that politicians who break their pledges should be excused if they have XX chromosomes. Really. Feminists I know have a word for such notions: sexism.

I agree with this analysis. I disagree that it's a big deal that Wetterling changed her mind about running for the house. I don't think gender issues should be brought into this.

I didn't hear the Lambert and Janacek show where this was discussed, so I'm going by Gary Miller's description of the show.

If these allegations about Klobuchar are true, she's following in the footsteps of such notable DFLers as Matt Entenza and Mike Hatch. Mike Hatch is known for being verbally abusive to subordinates.