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Monday, February 27, 2006

Kelley Campaign on the Straw Poll Results

Press Release from the Steve Kelley for Governor Campaign.

In the first test of gubernatorial campaign strength, Senator Steve Kelley emerged with a substantial victory. The St. Paul DFL held a straw poll for party activists last Saturday night and 36% supported Senator Kelley, giving him the victory. With just 10 days remaining before precinct caucuses, Kelley’s victory demonstrates the growing appeal of his campaign.

“We’ve been working very hard to build a grassroots organization across the state and this is evidence that our hard work is paying off,” Kelley said. “Our message of uniting the party around a progressive vision is resonating with people.”

Becky Lourey came in second with 29% of the votes; Mike Hatch received 17%; Kelly Doran received 9% and 8% were undecided. Russ Koch received 1% of the vote. There were 397 total votes cast.

It is also notable that 83% of the attendees supported someone other than reputed front-runner Mike Hatch. Hatch's weakness, combined with Kelley's victory, suggests that the DFL is ready to unify early behind a candidate who can defeat Governor Pawlenty, rather than simply support the best known candidate.

Now, on to the caucuses!

As the Drama Queen noted, Kelley took a shot at the scrambling Mike Hatch Campaign with this press release.