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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Letters Come In Response to Florida GOP Giving 150K to Anti-gay Activists

Senator Lee:

Last year I contacted your office to congratulate you on your opposition to specific legislation to prolong the life of Terri Schiavo. I had just purchased a home in Apollo Beach and was heartened to have a representative who appreciated the limits to which the government should go to when interfering in the life of individuals in our society. Unfortunately it seems my initial impression of you seems to be unwarranted.

I am a lifelong Republican and am a past Executive Director of the Nevada Republican Party (1995 to 1999). I am a resident of Florida despite owning homes in both Florida and Nevada. I have not yet registered to vote in Florida but plan on doing so on Monday because of statements attributed to you in the February 24, 2006 Saint Petersburg Times. The article, "State GOP sinks $150,000 more into antigay marriage initiative," quotes you as saying "I supported it because I know it's an important issue to Republicans."

I will be registering as a Republican and I assure you I will not be supporting you in your primary, if you have one, for Chief Financial Officer. In fact I will not support you for any office you may run for this cycle or in the future.

Whether someone is a supporter or an opponent of Gay Marriage there is no arguing the fact that Gay Marriage is illegal in Florida. No matter your stance on this issue a Constitutional Amendment is waste of time and money. There is no chance the State of Florida will approve Gay Marriage in the foreseeable future. The only way Gay Marriage will be legal in Florida is if the US Supreme Court rules that Florida must recognize such a marriage preformed in another State.

If the US Supreme Court makes such a ruling it will not matter whether Florida outlaws Gay Marriage in their Statutes or in their Constitution. This ploy by the Florida Republican Party is nothing more then pandering to a certain segment of the population for partisan gain. Your support of the Party’s donation to this cause is also pure political pandering on your part. I am sure this is a ploy by you to repair your image after your stance on the Terri Schiavo issue. Rest assured this has backfired as far as I am concerned.

I am not a political neophyte. I have been actively involved in politics since 1988. That election cycle I started a practice I intend to continue in Florida. Every Primary and General Election I send a postcard to every registered voter in my precinct. In that postcard I endorse certain candidates, rest assured your name will not be on the list. Although I am not known in Florida a postcard from a neighbor is just as effective as the endorsements you will receive. A personal message from a neighbor is a powerful and effective message.

Since I did not hear from you or you office when I contacted you last year and voiced support and I do not expect to hear from you on this issue.


Dan Burdish
Apollo Beach, FL

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