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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lloydletta's Breaking News Liberated Michael McIntee's Post from Brodkorb's Censorship

From the comments to this:

whoever said Inside MN Politics was "fair and balanced" its produced by a couple of DFL activists, i look forward to listening to what their take on things is and usually i agree and sometimes i dont-so what? i dont ever remember McIntee or Idusogie claiming to be journalists or impartial. jeez, what a loser brodkorb is, does he get paid to write this crap?
jcb 02.08.06 - 12:32 am | #

Representative John Kline is a previous client of Weber-Johnson, PA.
Michael B. Brodkorb 02.08.06 - 6:33 am | #

Thanks for helping to "liberate" my comment from Brodkorb's comment approval cue. The comment is now posted and Brodkorb claims it was there all the time. However, it now appears BEFORE any of your comments on his site and we both know it wasn't there before.

By the way, he still hasn't corrected the post.
Mike McIntee

McIntee's post indeed was liberated on Minnesota Democrats Exposed. Michael Brodkorb the Drama Queen, is trying to claim it was there all along:

Michael M said...

Thanks for the correction. As evidenced from one of the headlines we're well aware that John Kline is a Representative and the rest of the copy has been corrected to conform.

And for YOUR post to be accurate you'll need to note that what you posted are NOT the titles of our latest podcasts but the headlines from our latest podcast (singular).

You obviously wouldn't have made that error if you had actually listened to the show.

If you listen to the show and find any errors, or have any complaints please email us.
3:56 PM
lloydletta said...

The DFL feels about whoever is leaking to you and the 40th district chair the way the GOP feels about Andy Aplikowski's blog and how that blog generated a City Pages story about Tony Sutton.
8:22 PM
lloydletta said...

I understand that Michael McIntee from Inside Minnesota Politics tried to post a response - and you wouldn't post it. What are you afraid of?
10:25 PM
Minnesota Democrats Exposed said...

Are you kidding me? The post is above your comment. I am sent an email from Blogger everytime someone leaves a comment.

I published Mr. McIntee's comment. After reading you post Eva, looks like you got ahead of yourself.
5:19 AM

Actually that's not the case. My public post on the issue motivated the Drama Queen to approve McIntee's post. I commented on Brodkorb's post. We'll see if he approves the comment.

Michael Brodkorb attended the Business Democrats forum - and pointed out that Mike Hatch was AWOL. Seems like Hatch is afraid to debate his rivals. I wonder if the Unions will have the smarts to sponsor a gubanatorial candidate forum? Mike Hatch wasn't afraid to go to the union screenings - and he brought staff from his taxpayer-funded office with him to union screenings during business hours. Isn't that what campaign staff is for? The unions should do have a governor and senate candidate forum as a service for their members. The rank and file often don't follow the union recommendation on candidates. The unions could have more influence by sponsoring candidate forums than they will by endorsing candidates.

I hope that Inside Minnesota Politics taped this forum, and will make it available on a podcast.