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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Matt Entenza..... a strong advocate for ...... Matt Entenza

In January of 06 Britt Robson from City Pages did a pretty good job on Mr. Entenza.

As a gay person who doesn't believe the formula of DFL = Good and Republican = Bad, I have always found it puzzling that the DFL continually taps the GLBT community for money, supports the Stonewall DFL as an official caucus of the party, takes lots of money from the Human Rights Campaign, and yet doesn't hold itself accountable to supporting GLBT interests during the tough votes.

The reason that the keeper of this blog, Michael Krause in Lavender, and many others have expressed concern about Matt Entenza is that while politicians of his stripe will gladly give lip service to being a friend of the GLBT votes and money, they will not risk their own political ambitions to stand on principle (or the party platform).

You can parse out statements and track all kinds of quotes and comments around the blogosphere, but it comes down to this - Matt Entenza is a poster child for the DFL treating GLBT people like a cheap date (who gets dropped off early).