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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Pioneer Press Rips on Sviggum Over the Bachmann Amendment

Thanks to Schoolsout for the tip:

From a Pioneer press Editorial: Tue, Feb. 28, 2006

'Right to the point'

Marriage is of great and enduring value. And House Speaker Steve Sviggum, R-Kenyon, couldn't have made the case for a marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution any more clearly than he did in a news article in Sunday's Pioneer Press. Referring to the Senate majority leader, a DFLer, Sviggum said: "I want Dean Johnson to have to come to Kenyon and say, 'I voted against the marriage amendment.'"

Sviggum gets a perfect 10 for honesty.

And a perfect zero for his willingness to distinguish between issues that matter and those that don't.

Unlike marriage itself, a marriage amendment to the Minnesota Constitution is of no value, beyond its potential for partisan distraction, as Sviggum articulated. It's redundant with what's already the law of the land, solves no problem, and is contrary to conservative principle.

It also does nothing to reduce divorces or out of wedlock births - problems marriage amendment supporters cite when they talk about marriage being under fire.