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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Plymouth State Legislators on the Stadium Boondoggle

From a Lloydletta reader who attended this meeting:

On Saturday, Senators Rest, Bonoff and Olson hosted a very good town forum at the Plymouth Community Library. The Twins question was posed by a gentleman who proclaimed himself to be an independent voter. He said that the state needed to either act on the Twins proposal or let them know that they should leave the state (I am paraphrasing) He wanted to know the senators' position on the Twins proposal. Here were the stances: Rest and Olson – still opposed to the proposal without a referendum; Bonoff – supports the current proposal without a referendum – open to all suggestions moving forward. All acknowledged that the Twins deal that was on the table had technically expired so the point may be moot. Bonoff took a poll of the attendees by a show of hands (I think there were well over 60 people there) and overwhelmingly people were not supportive of the increase in sales tax for the stadium without a referendum. A few people did support the current Twins proposal without the referendum. Bonoff cited the StarTribune headline that said she won the special election despite her stance on the Twins stadium proposal. We shall see what the future holds with regards to stadium proposals and the voters.

Contact Terri Bonoff: to let her know how you feel about the Stadium boondoggle.

Terri will be a guest at another town meeting - this time in Minnetonka. Here's the scoop:

There is another town hall in Minnetonka that your readers may want to know about. Stadium questions may be more timely since the recent court decision this week on the Twins' lease and the Governor’s recent meetings on the subject.

This Saturday, Feb 11 at 10:30 am
Minnetonka City Hall - 14600 Minnetonka Blvd
Will include Rep. Ron Abrams, Sen. David Hann, Rep. Maria Ruud and Sen. Terri Bonoff

This will be a good opportunity to get all of these people on the record on the stadium tax without referendum. This would also be a good place to bring up the Bachmann amendment. The Republicans in Minnetonka aren't too keen on the Leviticus crowd.