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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Pollytick in Minnesota Has Another Perspective on Rural Bachmann Amendment Rallies

. A commenter over there mentioned that DFLer Mary Ellen Otremba was a speaker at the Willmar Alexandria rally.

The out state newspapers are running ads and stories regarding at least two anti-gay marriage rallies in Western Minnesota. Apparently the GOP road show will make stops in Alexandria at 10:00 AM and Willmar at 4:00 PM (both on Saturday the 11th of Feb).

Expected to be featured speakers at both events will be: "US Senate wanna be" Mark Kennedy, "Soon to be ex-Speaker" of the MN House Steve Sviggum, Rep. 'God helped me get elected to pass the anti-gay marriage amendment' Dan Severson, and a cadre of local GOP "one issue" legislative candidates.

Remember folks, this is the same House Speaker who is telling the electorate how legislators all need to get along in the upcoming session after last years stalemate. "We need to reform the way the legislature does business," Sviggum contends.

Hmmm, let's see.

I guess in Sviggum's world, going out to Sen. Dallas Sams' and Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson's DFL districts and shoving this wedge issue into their faces is a good way to start a 'peaceful' legislative session. This apparently will go a long way in 'GOP world' toward building collegial and trusting relationships in the legislature this year.

And what are we to think of Mark Kennedy? He must believe that gay marriage is the single most important issue facing the good people in Western Minnesota farm country. Kennedy is betting his election that the citizens out there care more about what goes on in people's bedrooms than they care about his votes on CAFTA, the budget slashing bill, or drilling for oil in Alaska.

Frankly, it is all too clear to most Minnesotans what is really going on in this part of the state. Steve Sviggum, Mark Kennedy, and their GOP gang have absolutely nothing of substance to campaign on this year. They have screwed things up so badly the past few years that this anti-gay marriage issue is their only hope for the fall 2006 elections. What a very sad condition this once cocky state GOP party is in.

Fortunately, even the dumb ol' farmers (sarc) out in Western Minnesota will see these rallies for what they are.... A truly embarrassing display by the state Republican leadership.

I think this issue when used over and over begins to lose it's effectiveness. Thanks to Pollytick for pointing out this rally was held in Alexandria.

CORRECTION: Mary Ellen Etremba was billed as being present at the Alexandria Rally by the Alexandria paper:

In addition to Kennedy, rally attendees will be able to meet with District 11A Representative Torrey Westrom, District 11B Representative Mary Ellen Otremba, District 14A Representative Dan Severson, District 13A Representative Bud Heidgerken, and Douglas County Sheriff Bill Ingebrigtsen, who is currently running for the Minnesota District 11 Senate seat.

Thanks to the anonocommenter who pointed this out.