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Monday, February 20, 2006

Poor Fact Checking by Lavender Magazine

Michael Krause's column in Lavender Magazine, the Gay Agenda, Feb 2, 2006 described the reason Stonewall DFL initially failed to give DFL candidate Kelly Doran an acceptable rating:

"State Senator Sheila Kiscaden, a candidate for Lieutenant Governor, appeared on behalf of her running mate for Governor, candidate Kelly Doran. Despite her strong history of support for the GLBT community, the ticket did not recieve an "acceptable" rating. Doran was criticized for his past contributions to Republican candidates including antigay leader Senator Michele Bachmann."

I contacted Kelly Doran's campaign to ask about this. Kelly personally returned my phone call and told me this was not the case. I checked the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board website, and found no contributions to Michele Bachmann from Kelly Doran. Actually there were no contributions by anyone named Doran.

Michael Krause and Lavender owe Kelly Doran an appology unless they have proof of this. Krause should know that unsubstantiated rumors are passed around at Stonewall screenings all the time, and should have taken the time to verify this one.

Krause's column was old news on the Stonewall Screenings by the time it came out. Lloydletta contributor, Mark Hanson attended and reported on the Stonewall Screenings the day they occurred.

What did Stonewall do about Mike Hatch?