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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Rebecca Otto and Matt Entenza Get Ripped by MN Publius Commenters

Zack from MN Publius listed Rebecca Otto as an up and coming DFLer. Commenters jumped on this one. Deservedly so. I wasn't aware that while Otto pontificates about being a friend of labor, she doesn't treat her workers well. This is Entenza's achilles heel also.

A number of commenters mentioned Otto's self-serving vote in favor of the Bachmann amendment, after getting Stonewall DFL's endorsement for her special election. Rebecca Otto gets compared to Norm Coleman.

Go check out the comments over at MN Publius. They are quite amusing.

It's worth noting that Bev Scalze and Denise Dieterich are two other DFLers who told constituents they would vote against the Bachmann amendment prior to getting elected, then voted in favor of the Bachmann amendment.

Rebecca Otto deserved to lose in 2004. She doesn't seem to have learned any lessons from her loss.

There have been a few shots taken at AG candidate Matt Entenza. I encourage Lloydletta readers to go over there and take a few more shots.