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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Scott Benson Running for Legislature

Scott Benson is one of the three openly gay candidates who won election to the Minneapolis City Council in 2001. Benson has now thrown his hat into the ring for state legislator in Senate District 62 which is in south Minneapolis. Unlike other DFL state legislative candidates, Scott clearly seems interested in the office for which he is running. Scott's website includes his position on a variety of issues that will be coming before the legislature. It appears from Scott's website, that his greatest interests are transportation, the environment and treating all Minnesotans fairly.

Scott told me he opposes using public funds to pay for professional sports stadiums.

The 62nd District DFL Convention is coming up on April 1. There are 6 candidates in this race now that Wes Skoglund has announced his retirement.

UPDATE: A commenter notes -

I attended the Senate District 62 Candidate Forum and there are other candidates that are "clearly" interested in the office for which they are running.

Alex Eaton, Matt Gladue, Patricia Torres Ray, Tina Sanz and Earl Netwal all seem not only clearly interested in the office they are seeking, but for a few of them I strongly feel they are much more interested in the seat than Benson is.
Aaron Landry

So noted. When I referred to "other DFL state legislative candidates", I linked to Andrew Borene's website. Andrew Borene seems much more interested in national issues than the state legislature.


Spitzer said...

What do you mean by "not interested in the position?"

With regards to being openly gay, I wanted to let you know that Patricia Torres Ray, while not gay herself, has actively supported gay families for over a decade and I understand did some of her masters work exploring the impact of anti-gay policy on the children of gay couples. I just attended her campaign kick off party, and she has quite a following in the gay community! If I were Scott I wouldn't assume that being gay is the only way to get support for the gay community.