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Friday, February 24, 2006

Stadium Boondoggle Redux

I stopped over to Fishstick's pad and commented.

What torks me off is that legislators who don't represent Hennepin County are voting to stick it to the Hennepin County taxpayer on this one.

If people want to call the Governor to give him an earful, call 651-296-3391.

In my opinion, if they want to do the stadium deal, then make this a state-wide sales tax rather than having non-Hennepin County legislators sticking it to Hennepin County.
Eva Young

J Ewing who is a frequent sparring partner on the gay marriage issue over at Fishsticks agrees on this:

I keep arguing this same point in Republican circles and it is difficult to do. Most legislators say that if they can "keep the Twins" and not put any of /their/ constituents' tax dollars into it, why shouldn't they? It's a "free vote" for legislators to say "No vote" for Hennepin County taxpayers. I have been saying that you either have the principle of "no taxpayer money for stadiums" or you don't. Your point is good, too, that either we have a law requiring a referendum or we don't.

My bigger arguments are two sides of the same coin: First, if you are so certain you cannot convince voters this is a good idea, then why do you want to impose it on them?

Secondly, if the stadium were a good idea-- a money-making proposition-- why aren't banks and investors lining up in droves to buy a piece of it?
J. Ewing

Ok, Governor, Speaker Sviggum, Majority Leader Dean Johnson - step up to the plate and save the twins by making this stadium tax statewide. Quit sticking it to Hennepin County Taxpayers!