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Friday, February 10, 2006

Sviggum to Speak at Bachmann Amendment Event in Willmar

Winger has the story. Congressman Mark Kennedy will also be in attendance.

It will be interesting to see if signs like this are part of the event.

Death Penalty for Homosexuals

Will Speaker Sviggum speak up publicly if he sees such signs at the rally?

Interesting pro and con comments in the Willmar paper:

Brett M.
2/10 6:36 PM I think the Minnesota or even the US have other important things to worry about than people of the same sex being married. What is the big deal, most kids now a days are more accepting of gays and lesbians. It seems to me the only people that care about this happening are the bible thumpers. If you don't want to accept it, than don't, we don't need to make a law for everything that people find gross or disgusting. What happened to freedom? By doing this we just limit even more freedoms that our country was founded on. We are supposed to be a country that is seperated from church. So why are laws being made around church. That is hippocritical of what our country means and how it was started. I'm not gay but I accept gay people, and I think everybody should. The funny thing is that half these people fighting against gays will end up knowing or may have already known a gay person, or maybe they just don't know they know a gay person OR EVEN BE RELATED TO ONE. The only reason why they want to get married is beacause then they get the same breaks as a "normal" marriage.
Dan H.
2/10 1:45 PM It is time for citizens to stand up for our family values. By accepting this unhealthy lifestyle, our communities will be changed. I want a constitutional amendment so judges can’t override our elected officials. I do not want my children to learn that being gay is a positive alternative lifestyle and that they should explore it. Remember, true love is willing to say no to those who may think they are right but are really hurting themselves in the process. The average age of death for homosexuals is 43 years old. Tolerance should be for that which is positive and healthy for all. My feeling is that any legislator who does not encourage or promote healthy and positive lifestyles should be removed form office. Some of the metro legislators and those of liberal world views are trying to change our world, and I will show my support for my country’s true values at the polls this fall. I hope others will join me!

Why is Michele Bachmann not speaking? Are the other supporters of this amendment embarrassed by her?