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Friday, February 03, 2006

Tarryl Clark Opposes Hennepin County Stadium Without Referendum

King Banaian has the details.

I did put to her the question a couple of people asked me -- what is her feeling about the stadium issues? It turns out she and I agree that local voters should have a chance to decide if they want to pay for a stadium in their jurisdiction. I don't think that's a hard position to take, but someone might want to get that message to our governor and the logrolling speaker of the house. I didn't ask her about this morning's Times editorial on eminent domain reform, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn she agrees with it. Overall the conversation was quite agreeable; she has all the people skills others had told me she had.

I think the Governor's Office needs more calls on this topic. Leave a message at 651-296-3391 - urge Governor Pawlenty to just say no to the Hennepin County stadium tax.