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Friday, February 24, 2006

They Don't Call it the Stupid Party for Nothing

Andy Eddy from Broward County Log Cabin sent out this action alert:

FLA State GOP DUMPS Another $150,000 into Anti-Gay Prohibition Amendment

The St. Pete Times is reporting that The Republican Party of Florida has made a second donation of $150,000 to the Florida4Marriage organization.

This follows an October $150,000 donation to the failed amendment initiative drive.

Voters need to let Party officers know that the GOP needs to focus on the issues that are important to everyone in Florida like homeland security, hurricane prepardness, a strong economy, education, property ownership protection, education, transportation and healthcare.

Let the RPOF know you don't support this kind of wasteful spending. Contact the RPOF here or by phone at 850.222.7920.

Contact your local Republicans groups by locating them at the RPOF link.