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Monday, February 06, 2006

Tinklenberg v Wetterling

Pollytick in Minnesota is upset that Wetterling is challenging Elwyn Tinklenberg, the Federal Bachmann Amendment supporting DFL candidate for the 6th District congresscritter position.

As to our friend lloydletta, we would take what you have to say with a bit of caution. You are a well known GOP activist in the Twin Cities. As such, you would espouse thoughts that would benefit GOP'ers. If Dems cater to the Twin City liberals, they will never take back the House or win the Governorship. Period.

I don't think it's a liberal position to support federal funded stem cell research. In fact, I think it's an extreme position to oppose stem cell research. If people are serious that fertilized eggs are equivalent to fully developed human beings, they should also outlaw In Vitro Fertilization - which after all disposes of the excess embryos created in the process. After all strongly pro-life Senators such as Orin Hatch from Utah support embryonic stem cell research.

Rural pork - such as Oberstar's road projects don't play well in the Twin Cities. That is not a liberal position. It's also a huge pet peeve for me how many rural legislators support increasing the Hennepin County sales tax for a stadium.

Let's not forget that those hated Twin Cities residents have vacation homes in greater Minnesota and contribute to the economy over there. If you look at where the taxes go, Minneapolis pays more in than what we get back from the state.