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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Too Stupid to Win: DFL Edition

The DFL Associate Chair allowed the Drama Queen Michael Brodkorb to goad her into shutting down the DFL State Central Committee yahoogroup.

I have been informed that DFL Party Associate Chair Donna Cassutt has shut down the entire DFL State Central Committee discussing group to prevent further leaks to Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

In an attempt to catch one of my numerous sources, Cassutt is requiring every previous member of the listserve to re-apply.

If they really want to make it difficult for me to get tips from DFL activists, I would recommend sending messages via homing pigeons.

Yup, Michael Brodkorb's leaks are from the Tinklenberg campaign, Janet Robert and Bill Luther. I'd bet money on it.

Someone leaked this to Brodkorb:

Tuesday, February 07, 2006
This is great. Donna Cassutt should sleep well tonight knowing her orders to DFL activists are always followed.


Dear State Central Committee Yahoo! Group members,

I am becoming increasingly disappointed by actions related to this Yahoo! Group. First, this is designed for leaders within the DFL Party to exchange ideas, share 'best practices', debate issues and keep each other informed of events happening in their respective areas. This group is not designed to tear down and smear other DFLers or DFL candidates. I have found some of the postings over the last few months to be below the level of discourse we expect from leaders and, quite truthfully, downright mean-spirited. That is not the purpose of this Yahoo! Group.

Second, I am alarmed at the regularity that postings from this group are ending up on Minnesota Democrats Exposed. For the record, that site is not our friend. And the fact that there are postings on this list that people think the Republicans on MDE will enjoy only reinforces what I have said above. We cannot continue down the path of tearing each other down. That is the politics of defeat, and we have the opportunity to do incredible things this year. I know that we are capable of having spirited discussions about issues and candidates, while remaining respectful to one another and our candidates. The postings on this group should remain confidential. For lack of a better term, this is family business - not public business so whoever is sharing information with Republican operatives, I am asking you to please stop.

This Yahoo! Group is a privilege---let's respect it and use it to collectively win in November for the common good.


Donna Cassutt, Associate Chair
Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party

posted by Minnesota Democrats Exposed

I commented over on Brodkorb's site. I don't think he'll accept my comment. I'm not sure how many people are on that yahoogroup - but if there are 200 or so members, it's not going to be a confidential list - and campaigns are going to leak from the list to Brodkorb to gain an advantage over other campaigns.

Many of the paid Republican activists weren't too happy with Andy Aplikowski - when he used his blog to post "family business" to the public. That family business then made City Pages.

Pulling down that State Central List will demotivate a number of DFLers who enjoy that list. There's other ways to deal with the interpersonal bickering that inevitably occurs on mailing lists.