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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Alberto Monserrate Commenting on the Illegal Immigrant Issue

From the St Paul Issues List:

My experience has been that the closer an individual gets to people who are uninvited border crossers the more open they are to finding ways to legalize the 12 million undocumented human beings in the US.

This weekend we saw what was probably the largest demonstration the US has ever seen in recent history. Over half a million people, according to police figures, rallied in LA protesting anti-immigrant legislation and in favor of legalizing undocumented people.

Tens of thousands more protested this weekend in cities all over the country. A few weeks ago 200,000 People demonstrated in Chicago and as in LA they paralized the city for a day "without Mexicans"

There are several things worth noting about these demonstrations. An overwhelmimg number of these protestors are Latinos. They are waving American and Mexican flags in these protests and chanting USA, USA, Mexico, and Si se puede (yes we can). Don't confuse these protesters. They are about the most pro US patriotic demonstrators in these numbers this country has ever seen. These compare to the pathetically small counter demonstrations the white supremacist infiltrated minutemen have been organizing.

These marches have been overwhelmingly bigger than any anti war protests we've seen recently. This is the civil rights issue of our time.

Latino radio station morning show hosts are key in rallying people to these marches. Just to put things into perspective these are entertainment morning shows geared towards every day blue collar Latinos. To compare to something readers in this list can relate too this would be the equivalent of the the KQRS morning show rallying blue collar listners to protest. These stations are owned by multi billion dollar companies like Univision (with a market cap of over 10 billion). Believe me if these radio stations are rallying latinos to protest is because their marketing machines are convinced that their listners are over 90 pct in agreement. In LA a Spainish radio station is the number one station in the market. In Chicago the two main Spanish stations add up to the number one station in the market with almost identical formats.

These protests will continue and will impact St Paul and Minneapolis in the next few weeks. April will see national mobilizations like this country has never seen before. Minneapolis and St Paul will be part of this action and Latino Media will be side by side with these efforts like it has been nationally.

Republicans and DFL'ers better pay attention. Think of which side you would have liked to be in during the sixties civil rights struggles, and were you are today on immigration civil rights struggles. DFL'ers in St Paul have been voting overwhelmingly in favor of Pawlenty's anti immigrant proposals. They're still on time to do the right thing before thousands rally in Minnesota.

Chris Coleman has gone way and above in fighting Pawlenty's proposals and so has St Paul's excellent police department. The mayor of St Paul will go into history as being a leader on the right side of immigration civil rights.

More to come.

Alberto Monserrate

As I said before, what's going to be important is to clearly state why Pawlenty's legislation is a bad idea.

Alberto Monserrate owns La Gente and La Prensa plus a Latino radio station.