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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Amy Klobuchar Wins Big in Straw Poll

MN Publius and many other blogs have the results. Amy Klobuchar strengthened her position in the Straw poll.

Klobuchar 76.6%
Bell 16.8%

Mike Hatch got a plurality.

Hatch 38.3%
Lourey 22.7%
Kelley 22.4%
Doran 6.4%

The partisan DFL blog mnpublius notes: "this is a terrible showing for Hatch."

Hatch tries to spin this:

Unlike the other gubernatorial campaigns, ours is a volunteer-driven, grassroots effort. Each of the other campaigns has at least one dozen paid professional staff members who spent months organizing for the caucuses by operating phone banks, sending out mailings, and turning out their own delegates. Over the last few weeks, other campaigns argued that the precinct caucus ballot could not be won unless the campaign employed a large paid professional staff. Our grassroots, volunteer effort proved them wrong!

Hatch doesn't need a paid campaign staff when he can campaign from the Attorney General's office. A number of lefty blogs have endorsed Steve Kelley and two others have endorsed Kelly Doran.

Entenza had a disappointing showing. Considering that he was running unopposed, he only got 82% of the strawpoll. That's hardly a vote of confidence.