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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Anti-gay Activists Piss Off Gang of 12 Senators

Andy from Eleventh Avenue South pulls together greater Minnesota coverage of the fallout from the anti-gay ads.

DFLer Leo Foley deserves kudos with his comment to the Hometown Source:

Sen. Leo Foley, DFL-Coon Rapids, feels proud to be in The Gang of Twelve -- he's in distinguished company, he quipped.

Good for Sen. Foley!

Republican Paul Koering is quoted as saying he will support an amendment if it includes a civil union provision.

Although making light of his gang membership, Foley also expressed exasperation. "This is the same old crap they took out to tie up the last session," he said, saying lawmakers should be addressing other more pressing issues.

Koering indicated that he could support a marriage amendment if it included a civil union provision.

"I feel I was elected to protect everybody's rights," he said. "I think it's unfortunate they (MCDM) feel they need to come in after me in my district," said Koering.

Betzold believes the proposed marriage amendment has less support than some polls suggest -- it all depends on how the questions are phrased, he explained.

In four of his recent town meetings, the proposed amendment was mentioned once, said Betzold. "If you're over here trying to worry about taking a position on a controversial issue, you shouldn't be here," said Betzold.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the proposed marriage amendment this session, explained Betzold, but he offered no date.

Republican Paul Koering should be applauded for taking a principled stand.