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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Breaking Nooz! Republican Party of Minnesota Promotes Speech by Marriage Referendum Opponent!

Ward Connerly who is best known for his criticism of Affirmative Action will be coming to Minneapolis to speak at the Center for the American Experiment. Ward Connerly was also a leader in the fight against proposition 22 in California.

Connerly Leads GOP Charge Against Prop 22

January 27, 2000

(SACRAMENTO) Led by conservative businessman and U.C. Regent Ward Connerly and the party's frontrunner for the U.S. Senate, Congressman Tom Campbell, Republican Party leaders and stalwarts today announced their opposition to Proposition 22?-- the Knight Initiative to limit the definition of marriage.

Appearing at news conferences in Sacramento and Burbank, Connerly denounced the initiative as intrusive and offered reasons why conservatives and Republicans should oppose it.

"As a conservative, I value commitment and responsibility," said Connerly, chair of the Proposition 209 campaign in 1996 which struck down race- and gender-based preferences. "I also believe government should not intrude in people's private lives. That is why conservatives should oppose Prop. 22."

From today's GOP Newsline:

Center of the American Experiment Welcomes Ward Connerly

Ward Connerly will keynote an American Experiment Dinner Forum on "America's Promise Realized: Getting Beyond Race" on Tuesday, March 28, 2006. Many have argued against the use of racial preferences, describing them as invariably unfair, routinely counterproductive, out of line with the Constitution, and out of step with our nation's true spirit. No one, though, has done so with more clarity, conviction, and success than Ward Connerly, who led the way, for example, in ending the University of California's use of race as a means of admission during his service as a regent.

After the program, Mr. Connerly will be available to sign his latest book, Creating Equal: My Fight Against Racial Preferences.

Event Details:

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hilton Minneapolis
3rd Floor
1001 Marquette Avenue South

Ticket Info:
Pre-registration admission is $30 until March 23.
Admission after March 23 or at the door is $35.

To Register For This Event, visit or call Peter Zeller at 612-338-3605.

I registered for this event. I would very much like to see Ward Connerly speak.

The City Pages did a story on the internal disputes at the Center for the American Experiment. Annette Meeks was fired - and many staff left with her in protest.

Annette Meeks is still listed as President and CEO on the website. With all the turmoil going on there, they probably haven't had the time to completely clean up their website.