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Sunday, March 12, 2006

DFL Associate Chair Donna Cassutt and GOP Chair Ron Carey Face Off on At Issue

Cassutt was poorly prepared when the subject got to gay marriage. She gave the standard answer that the issue was "divisive" and was "already settled". That's not a good argument. This allowed Ron Carey to define the issue - saying the Democrats are the party of gay marriage. Cassutt could have come back with pointing out that this was an effort to marginalize an unpopular minority for political gain, and point out that Republican leaders - such as Governor Pawlenty and Steve Sviggum - spoke at a rally where signs like this were prominent.

Donna Cassutt was the person who allowed the Drama Queen Michael Brodkorb to goad her into shutting down a valuable list that offered DFLers from around the state to share information and resources.

Frequent critic Schoolsout comments to this lack of leadership by the DFL "friends of the gay community" who are running for Attorney General and State Auditor:

This should come of no surprise to you....Entenza has no stomach for this issue.

I am still wondering who is more credible - Matt Entenza or Rebecca Otto.