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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Does Mike Hatch Favor or Oppose the Bachmann Amendment?

During both of Mike Hatch's recent appearances on Minnesota Public Radio (a debate with the DFL candidates and when he was featured by himself), he was asked whether he supported the Bachmann amendment. Hatch stated that he supported the current Defense of Marriage statute, but would not state whether he favored or opposed the Bachmann amendment. Where does Mike Hatch stand on the Bachmann amendment? When interviewed by the Pioneer Press, Hatch stated that there was no difference between he and Governor Pawlenty on the issue of gay marriage, so I would assume that means that he supports the Bachmann amendment.

My post commenting on the caucus results got some comments:

Hatch says: Each of the other campaigns has at least one dozen paid professional staff members who spent months organizing for the caucuses...

Yeah, and Mike Hatch has had the entire AG's office at his disposal to promote himself and his agenda for the past how many years?

It sounds like Mike Hatch hasn't changed from when he worked at the Commerce Department. I had a friend who worked there then who was very unhappy with Hatch as a boss because of having the expectation that the only way to move up and get ahead in a department headed by Mike Hatch was to help with his political ambitions. That's not good government.

Our old friend STEA huffs and puffs:

"Disappointing showing"??

Lets stop with the % for a minute and look at the cold hard fatcs...

Amy Klobuchar: 19,745 votes
Matt Entenza: 19,000 votes
(according to

As for Hatch, we has a firm grip on the endorsement. He needs only 22% of the vote to go his way, while the 2nd place candidate needs 38%.

Not to mention, we do not know how many of those voting are actually delegates. In my prescient, we had twice as many people showing up as delegates. I know that at least half of the folks who are delegates in mine are voting for Hatch, yet he got only 40% of the vote overall when they counted the straw poll.

So to draw conclusions from the straw poll is like trying to see the future in tea leaves.

Well STEA, Bill Salisbury from the Pioneer Press reports that Hatch's grip on the endorsement is pretty weak. Recall that Hatch's campaign had done polling and predicted a 45% result in the straw poll. He came 7 points short of that (16% below his polls). The question is whether the trend for Hatch is downward from here.

The two senators held Hatch far short of the 60 percent majority he would need to be endorsed at the state DFL convention in June.

"This race is wide open," Lourey asserted Wednesday.

"Forty-five percent of the caucus attendees selected two state senators over a sitting attorney general. I think that's an indication that he's got some challenges," Kelley said.

State Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey added, "The air of inevitability surrounding Mike Hatch is gone."

Hatch shrugged off his opponents' assessments, saying, "Everybody spins."

But he may have lost the expectations game. Before the caucuses, he had released results of a survey that showed 45 percent of 7,000 previous DFL delegates favored his candidacy. Had he met or exceeded that number, his campaign most likely would have gained greater momentum and made it harder for the other candidates to catch up.

Nonetheless, Hatch pronounced his campaign "in good shape." He noted that he won with a volunteer organization and, unlike the other DFL candidates, he had no paid staff. He again said he is saving his money for his fall campaign against Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

As the commenter pointed out, who needs a campaign staff when you have the AG's office at your disposal. Salibury's article continues:

Pawlenty had no intraparty opposition, so the state GOP proclaimed him the winner at its caucuses without a straw poll.

In other words, the Republican party didn't do a straw poll because they didn't want to report on the results. This would have shown whether Tim Pawlenty has the base mobilized. I understand the base isn't mobilized. The fiscal conservatives are not happy.