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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Framing the Abortion Issue

Lost Ox has an excellent post on the topic.

Don't flinch. On the other hand, those social conservatives who are only wielding abortion for political gain will never be anything but hostile to us. For this reason, they must be isolated from the mainstream pro-lifers and then thoroughly discredited. They must be given an unflattering label of our choosing, and then we must hammer away until it sticks. Attacking them for their pro-life views will not work. Instead, they must be relentlessly attacked for not caring about solving the problem; doing so will isolate them from those pro-lifers we can persuade. The effect of this type of campaign is cumulative, and it can take years. Do not worry about appearing mean. Do not allow them to hide behind sound bites or religion. Do not be drawn into a dialog with them unless we can hurt them in doing so. And never miss a chance to strike a telling blow or to humiliate them in the eyes of the people they are trying to persuade. In short, play to win.

Governor Tim Pawlenty said on Almanac that he would want additional exceptions in a law like South Dakota's. He believes that abortion should be criminal except for the cases of rape and incest.

Personally I don't think "pro-life" is an accurate description for those who want to criminalize abortion. I think describing the views as favoring criminalizing abortion is much more accurate.

Personally I think the so-called MCCL should be challenged on the issue of Stem cell research and In Vitro Fertilization. If embryonic stem cell research should be illegal, so should in vitro fertilization.