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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Free for All Running for the Sabo Seat

Are the Republicans even going to bother contesting it?

My guess: no DFL endorsement, and the race will go to a DFL primary where it will be decided. The question is whether the Independence, Green or Republican parties will field contenders for this race.

The Drama Queen is alternating between this and pushing for Dean Johnson to resign.

Reasonable question on the Sabo race is if he made his intentions known so late in the game to help Mike Erlandson. This could backfire. From Democratic Underground:

It strikes me as rather bad timing

- if state reps or senators decide to go for his seat, that leaves their districts looking for candidates to replace them - and distict endorsing conventions are starting. It also leaves potential candidates with very little time to get organized and start raising funds for a Congressional run. I can't help but wonder if it were timed this way to make it easier for Erlandson.

This race will keep Minneapolis activists more focused locally and less focused on helping in suburban races.

Craig Westover points out why the bills banning funeral protests are bad ideas.