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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Gary Eichten Asks the wrong question

During Mark Kennedy's appearance on MPR last week, Gary Eichten asked him "on abortion, are you pro-life?" That actually is a very poor question. The real question should be, "do you support criminalizing abortion?" That is what the issue is, not whether you personally believe abortion is right or wrong. Eichten missed a chance to follow up with this: would Kennedy support federalizing the law passed by the South Dakota legislature?

On Almanac, Elwyn Tinklenberg went on record to state he opposes criminalizing abortion and said he supports the proposals by the Democrats for Life to reduce the numbers of abortions. Tinklenberg didn't talk about specifics.

It appears as if South Dakota is going to have the Thomas More Law Firm represent them in court. This is the firm that represented the school board in the Kitzmiller case in Dover, Pennsylvania. Even the IDiocy supporting Discovery Institute has distanced itself from the Thomas More Law Center.

John McDonald, a democratic strategist is urging democrats to ignore the South Dakota extreme legislation.

Democratic forces might be better off ignoring the Dakota legislation and the looming Supreme Court battle for the time being. The best strategy to ensure the rights, privacy and health of women is instead to make sure that we elect a Democratic Congress and President.

To achieve those goals, Democrats must make clear that the incompetence and corruption of the Bush administration and their colleagues in the Republican Congress have undermined the safety and well being of Americans. We are less safe, and we are worse off. And we need to offer a vision of how we would do better.

The bottom line is if the election is about the foreign policy failures and domestic disasters of the Republican administration, if Democrats can make it clear that the Republicans have put the interests of the wealthy and powerful ahead of the needs and security of the American people, they can win. But if Democrats let the Republicans distract voters by defining the election as being about "moral values" they risk losing. So before spending millions on narrow battles over abortion and the battle for the Supreme Court, let's focus the resources, talents and energy of Democrats on winning the upcoming elections.

And, let's remember one thing. If John Kerry had won in Ohio, he would be President.

I wonder how Emily's List feels about this one.

Kate Michelman might run as an Independent for the Pennsylvania Senate seat. The Democrats pushed aside a woman who supports legalized abortion to make room for Bob Casey, who supports criminalizing abortion.

UPDATE: Commenter JCB disagrees -

okay eva, i have to comment on this one. barbara hafer-the woman who was pushed aside was a MUCH weaker candidate than bobby casey. many-including myself-urged hafer to run against rep. tim murphy (also "pro life") in the 18th district but she said no citing her new business and i believe health problems with her husband or someone close to her.
rick santorum would have ripped hafer to shreds and eaten her for dinner. i dont think u understand PA politics-this is NOT minn.-voters are VERY different here.

i wouldve voted for casey in a primary against hafer-i am however pro-choice, meaning that i think that abortion should be a legal medical procedure as it is now.

i dont agree w/ casey on this but to me there are MUCH bigger issues and im w/ him on them.