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Friday, March 10, 2006

Is the Center for American Experiment Going Belly Up?

Kudos to the Sponge and Matt over at Minvolved for digging into this and digging deeper and deeper.

I personally have no use for Annette Meeks - the former ED of the Center for the American Experiment. Meeks was of the opinion that a stadium tax in Hennepin County wasn't a tax, it was a user fee. Sound familiar?

Meeks still is getting $20,000 per year for her Metro Council gig - "representing" North Minneapolis on the Met Council. What a joke!

Chris Tiedeman was on the radio last weekend promoting a Center for the American Experiment initiative - promoting legislative civility. Chris Georgicas and Roger Moe were selling the same thing on Almanac last week.

So are they still having the Ward Connerly event?