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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Knoblach Defends Hit Piece Against Krinkie

I asked Jim Knoblach to comment to the claims made in Krinkie's newsletter. Knoblach responded:

The piece was completely fair. It highlighted a vote Phil took that puts him on the opposite side of 90+% of Minnesotans. Running against Patty Wetterling this Fall, he cannot win being the man who sided with sex offenders.

Nobody has ever brought up the gunowner rights issues Phil mentions in regard to
this bill. This is just spin.

Regarding the budget, Phil's statement that it means "no new spending" is completely incorrect. Without the passage of the budget resolution, there are no caps on spending. Any bill that comes to the floor can have spending added to it without any requirement showing the source of the money for the new spending. This will unquestionably drive up spending. Incidentally, the largest item of additional spending in my proposal, which proposed to spend less than half what our Republican Governor recommends, was for additional funding to incarcerate sex offenders.

As the stomach turns..... the drama continues.