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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Krinkie's Campaign Responds to Knoblach's Attacks

Campaign Silly Season Has Begun

It appears that ?Silly Season? has started in full force in the race for Congress in the Sixth Congressional District. (Note: Silly Season is the term used in campaigns when candidates begin to throw anything they can at the wall in the hope that something will stick) Phil?'s opponents in the race have launched two recent attacks that warrant a response.

At the conventions last weekend and now in the mail, one of the campaigns put out a ?hit piece? insinuating that Phil Krinkie is not tough on sex offenders because he voted against the Omnibus Crime Prevention Bill in 2000. To say Phil Krinkie voted against ?Katie?'s Law? is simply not true.

The reason Phil voted against this huge omnibus bill had nothing to do with ?Katie?s Law? or sex offenders. The bill contained the creation of a huge government computer database called CRIMNET that cost millions of dollars to implement and put the privacy rights of individual citizens in jeopardy. In fact, private information about regular citizens was collected and stored in this government database, even the names of suspects, witnesses and people who sought handgun permits.

The last thing Phil wanted was for state government to compile a database that would track gun owners!

The bottom line: Phil Krinkie votes against boondoggles and government intrusion into our lives, even when it?s not politically expedient. That?'s just what we need in Congress.

On Monday, Rep. Knoblach tried issued a press release charging that Phil?'s vote against the House Budget Resolution authorizing $88 million in new spending was actually a vote to increase spending. Nothing could be further from the truth. The vote against Jim Knoblach?'s budget resolution means that state government will have to spend the same amount next year as this year. No new spending!

As we continue through the Silly Season, don'?t believe everything you read, check the facts, and call the Krinkie Campaign with any questions at 763-717-2222.

We appreciate your interest in the Krinkie for Congress campaign. Please forward our e-Update to your e-mail address books and visit often.

I've forwarded this to Jim Knoblach for a response.