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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Log Cabin Republicans - Chicago Calls on Blagovich to Fire Farrakhan Advisor from Hate Crimes Panel



llinois Governor Should Remove Farrakhan Adviser from Hate Crime Panel

The Chicago Chapter of the Log Cabin Republicans strongly urges Governor Rod Blagojevich to rethink his appointee Claudette Marie Muhammad from his Commission on Discrimination and Hate Crimes. Muhammad serves as the minister of protocol to Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan, who espouses bigotry and anti-Semitism.

Muhammad recently invited commission members to attend a Farrakhan speech in which he accused "Hollywood Jews" of "promoting lesbianism, homosexuality" and other "filth." Muhammad has failed to denounce anti-gay and anti-Semitic statements. Blagojevich said Farrakhan's comments are no reason to dismiss Muhammad as long as she believes in the panel's goals.

"Blagovich is wrong and he needs to be held accountable," said Erik Linell, LCR-Chicago chapter president. "He expects the LGBT vote and then makes such an insulting appointment. You can bet no Republican governor would ever get a free pass if they made an appointment of this nature. It makes a mockery of the fight against hatred and intolerance in Illinois."

The Chicago Chapter of the Log Cabin has launched a web campaign calling on Blagovich to remove Muhammad from the Commission.

Send a letter to Governor Blagovich through Log Cabin - Chicago's web campaign.