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Monday, March 06, 2006

Marilyn Musgrave Uses Soldiers as Political Props

Marilyn Musgrave is the chief author of the Federal Marriage Amendment. I've often referred to Michele Bachmann as Minnesota's Marilyn Musgrave. It appears that there are now three blogs with the goal of defeating Musgrave. They have been swarming this story.

The Coloradoan, reporting on a GOP Dinner in held in Fort Collins, printed the following article title as well as the photo above, taken by Peter Heacox for The Coloradoan:

Marilyn Musgrave introduces Marine Sergeant Brandon Forsyth on Friday during the Larimer County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner.

Doesn't on the surface, sound like much. But consider this...

Military regulation prohibits members of the armed services on active duty from appearing at partisan rallies, meetings, etc. while in uniform. So for a moment let's consider the implications of such a heinous act, and just consider that Marilyn has now participated in breaking military regulations, along with Sergeant Forsyth. Here's the short on those regulations that have been broken. We're hoping that Sergeant Forsyth gets reprimanded for this. And we're hoping of course that at the very least Marilyn has taken one step closer to getting her pink suited butt thrown out of office.

Josh Marshall has picked up on this story.

Rep. Marilyn Musgrave fouls the pristine beauty of her area of Colorado.