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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Matt Entenza: Draft-Dodger?

From a source with knowledge of this situation:

In 1982, MPIRG challenged what was known as the Solomon Amendment, a federal law that required proof of draft registration before receiving federal student financial aid. MPIRG represented three "John Doe" students who had not regisered for the draft as required by law but had applied for federal financial aid. They were never identified because in doing so, they would incriminate themselves as draft dodgers. It was commonly known that Matt Entenza was one of the three students. He attended Macalester at the time and was either on MPIRG's board, or would be later. MPIRG was joined by the ACLU. The case went to the US Supreme Court, and MPIRG lost.

The question is: Did Matt Entenza ever register for the draft as he was required to do by law at the time? Or does he remain a draft dodger who wants to be the state's top law-enforcement officer?

More on the lawsuit here and here.

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