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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Michael Brodkorb on Rowley Watch: "It's not me"....

Yesterday I asked a question. From the comments: if I don't have enough trouble already, you go and start more for me.
Michael B. Brodkorb 03.14.06 - 5:11 am | #

excume me-is that a yes or a no?
jcb 03.14.06 - 4:55 pm | #

That is a NO! To be honest Eva, this is just silly.
Michael B. Brodkorb

Eva: I have receive two emails about this today and that is two too many.

With all of the legal matters I am dealing with I now have to be concerned about this shit from you.

Just because you include a "?" in your posts doesn't give you the right to post this crap.

I'm sure you enjoy getting me upset, but sometimes you are just out of line.

Do you want me to send you the bill for the money it may cost me to defend myself against new charges of anonymous blogging?

You could have emailed me privately to ask if this was me.

But you decide to ask the question on your blog.
Michael B. Brodkorb

I've looked at other posts on Rowley watch. The opening post doesn't sound much like Brodkorb.

First and foremost, the intent of this site is not to slander Coleen Rowley or throw political mud. Rowley Watch will gladly facilitate in exposing residents of the 2nd District to Coleen Rowley's radical left-wing political agenda, but will not be following her campaign's example of throwing stuff at a wall until it sticks or doctoring photos. To put it another way, Rowley Watch hereby pledges to never doctor a Coleen Rowley photo to...oh, I don't her alongside other accomplished "Time People of the Year" like Adolph Hitler (1938) or Joseph Stalin(1939)...That was the last cheap shot, I promise.

Second, Rowley Watch is not here to help re-elect John Kline or help Sharon Marko win the endorsement. If either one of these scenarios does play out, however, this blog will go into hibernation until Coleen Rowley decides it's time to run for office again. My one and only goal is to see Coleen Rowley exit the political arena...the sooner the better!

It's worth asking all 2nd district campaigns what their policy is regarding campaign staff anonoblogging or commenting on blogs.