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Friday, March 10, 2006

Mike Hatch's Goofy Campaign

Checks and Balances is promoting a Hatch-Lourey ticket.

Today, after Governor Tim Pawlenty's (R) State of the State address former Governor Wendell Anderson (D) walked back to Hatch's office with him and on the way they stopped and spoke with Lourey. After their brief conversation Hatch and Anderson continued on to Hatch's office and Anderson suggested the idea to Hatch himself. We are not exactly sure what Hatch's reaction was, but as the idea is chewed on for awhile it seems worthwhile.

Lourey has a small busness background, which is an advantage in suburban districts. She is a rural legislator and since Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) and Lt Governor Carol Molnau (R) are both suburbanites this is also a benefit with Greater Minnesota voters. Hatch is seen as pugnacious and Lourey could help soften his image. Hatch has trouble with the pro-choice community and here again Lourey is an asset. A couple negative points some people see with Lourey are her liberal voting record and her trip to Texas to protest with Cindy Sheehan. In this case this with the war in Iraq being a political liability for Republicans it may be more of a positive thing.

Ultimately, if Hatch were to make the request he assures himself a coronation at the DFL State Convention and universal good will with the exception of the ardent Steve Kelley (D) supporters. This would remove one obstacle out of the way in the endorsement fight as well as in the DFL Primary. It would enable Hatch to keep his attention focused on Pawlenty and virtually ignore Kelly Doran. In the case of Doran, Hatch could say, "Kelly Doran is spending his fortune to tell you what he thinks and I am here to tell you want Minnesotan's have told me they want Minnesota's priorities to be with a new governor."

This one looks like a no-brainer to us.

Shawn Towle forgets some of Mike Hatch's history. He doesn't just have problems with the "pro-choice community". He has problems with women. In 2002 he threatened that he would run in the primary unless the DFL endorsed Roger Moe. The other two candidates were women - Becky Lourey was one, and Judi Dutcher was another. I doubt Becky Lourey has forgotten this.

This one won't get Mike Hatch anywhere.