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Friday, March 31, 2006

Minnesota Republican Party Exploits Dean Johnson's troubles to push the Bachmann Amendment

From the Minnesota GOP Newsline:

Dean Johnson Controversy Continues As Senate Judiciary Committee Is Set To Take Up Defense Of Marriage Amendment

On Monday, DFL Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson apologized to the Minnesota Senate for his comments to a group of pastors that he had received assurances from members of the Minnesota Supreme Court that the court would not hear a challenge to Minnesota's definition of marriage. While he apologized for making the comments, he did little to address the continuing discrepencies between what Dean Johnson said happened, and what the justices said happened. Be sure to contact Senator Dean Johnson to let your thoughts be heard on the matter.

Senator Dean Johnson, 651-296-3826, email:

Meanwhile, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Don Betzold has promised to hear Senator Michele Bachmann?s marriage amendment bill in Judiciary Committee this Tuesday. If passed in committee, the amendment will go to the full Senate to be debated.

Please contact the DFL members of the Senate Judiciary committee and urge them to allow a full Senate vote on the marriage amendment. The marriage amendment must be passed by the Senate so all Minnesotans decide the definition of marriage, not a select few judges.

Here is the contact information for the DFL members of the Judiciary:

Senator Don Betzold: 651-296-2556,

Senator John Marty: 651-296-5645, email:

Senator Wes Skoglund: 651-296-4274, email:

Senator Satveer Chaudhary: 651-296-4334, email:

Senator Ann Rest: 651-296-2889, email:

It's funny. They left off the names of Republicans on the Judiciary committee:

Senator David Hann

Senator Tom Neuville:

Senator Julianne Ortman

Senator Warren Limmer

You can contact the Republican Party at:



Contact the Republican party to let them know what you think of this latest newsline from them.

I called the party to talk to them about this. I told them they needed to focus on other issues. It seems that since Ron Carey has become chair of the party, the Bachmann amendment is the only issue they are focusing on.

The Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage has a radio ad urging people to call the DFL Bachmann amendment supporter Jim Vickerman, and ask him to lobby other DFL senators on this subject. His phone number is: (651) 296-5650. I'd suggest people call and leave a message on his machine in opposition to the Bachmann amendment. The calls generated from the Gang of 12 are coming from all over the state. So don't worry about living in his district.