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Sunday, March 19, 2006

My feelings exactly on Dean Johnson

Strib Letters:

Shame on both sides

The DFL leadership has once again failed the Moral Majority test. Sen. Dean Johnson's actions are indeed disturbing to anyone who values our democracy.

Yet equally disturbing is that his comments will be used to provide a shroud of legitimacy to the extremists who hope to further deny rights to a group of our citizens who pay their taxes, willingly adopt children from the foster care system and contribute so much to our state.


Others add:

Go to confession

I am disgusted by the fact that an ordained pastor feels it is acceptable to use such underhanded tactics as secretly recording a private conversation with Sen. Dean Johnson and then flogging it for political advantage.

Where are this religious leader's basic ethics -- such as honesty -- and why is he so ready to sacrifice them to push a specific agenda?

This is the outcome when religious groups become overly partisan and enter the political sphere. No one has clean hands.


They'll stop at nothing

In the politicking over the same-sex marriage amendment, I thought I had seen and heard just about everything. But the anti-gay, anti-family Minnesota Citizens for Defense of Marriage's ultimatum -- to either call for Sen. Dean Johnson's resignation or call for a vote on its hateful amendment to our state's Constitution -- is politics at its worst.

This group's latest action has suggested to me that its members will stop at just about nothing to ram their agenda down the collective electorate's throat, and to create a sensationalist story out of nothing -- all for the political benefit of a small group of Republican candidates.

On the contrary, Johnson has led the state Senate to appropriately focus on the real issues facing this state, such as health care, transportation and finances.

The underlying message of the hot-button issue to ban all forms of recognition and protection for same-sex partnerships and families is still the same, regardless of the spin: Discrimination is discrimination, and doesn't belong in our state's Constitution.


The Drama Queen has a screenshot of the Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage anti-Dean Johnson ad in the Strib.

Almanac covers the issue here.

Other ministers at the meeting with Dean Johnson are criticizing the minister who taped the meeting.

Miller said he wasn't pleased that a pastor from outside the New London-Spicer Ministerial Association, who was welcomed to the meeting, recorded what was said. The publicity on the volatile political issue has put the group in the spotlight when its members had nothing to do with the recording, he said. “It troubles me and it troubles others."

For his part, Waldemarsen said he is overwhelmed with the life that the recording has taken on in the statewide media. He said his goal is to have the marriage amendment put on the ballot.

This is obvious. Despite the self righteous blather about being concerned about court integrity, it's clear that the anti-gay activist groups and the Republican Party of Minnesota want to use this issue to pressure Johnson to allow a floor vote.