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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ralph Reed and James Dobson: Charlatans

Mike Tidmus nails it.

At best James Dobson is a tool, at worst he's part of the scam.

Marvin Olasky from the World and architect of the term "compassionate conservative" is covering the Focus on the Family angle of this story (something the mainstream media are avoiding). Marvin blogs:

Transparency argument: Some evangelicals might disagree with that reasoning and argue that, pragmatically, we should support the lesser of two evils: better that gambling spread in Louisiana than it should spread everywhere. Evangelicals could have a good discussion about that -- but Reed owes it to others, particularly his friends and supporters, to allow that discussion. If he thinks it's fine to use gambling money (hey, it's all green), he should not take it upon himself to decide for others how they should act. He should have informed the pastors he organized and the ministries he lobbied that he was using casino funds, so that they could make an informed choice. Instead, he kept his funding secret and worked to manipulate them.

Effects argument: If Reed had been transparent, he would have faced disagreement but would not now be facing disgrace. He has shamed the evangelical community by providing evidence for the generally-untrue stereotype that evangelicals are easily-manipulated and that evangelical leaders are using moral issues to line their own pockets.

I'm looking forward to Ralph Reed's perp walk. Defcon is running TV ads going after James Dobson, Ralph Reed and Lou Sheldon in Washington DC and Colorado Springs, Colorado. They should be running these ads in Georgia.